The City Of Sun

by Zebras

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All songs copyright 2015. All songs written by Zebras.

Full length album coming soon on black vinyl, very limited color vinyl, and CD. Sept 22 official release date. Sept 23rd release show with DRI.


released September 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Zebras Madison

Currently a three piece consisting of Vincent Presley, Lacey Smith, and Shane Hochstetler playing heavy music. Other things we do or have done include: Call Me Lightning, Those Poor Bastards, The Smunn, Multiple Truths, Forsake Ya To The Snakes, Haymarket Riot, Window Smashers, Hero Of A Hundred Fights, Logan 5, Managra, and Housecat-Sized Fennec. ... more

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Track Name: Hollow Earth
Forrestal is unstable. Starts to talk of Roswell
And the race inside the Earth. 1949 Suicide.
Byrd's planes have disappeared. Crash invisible walls.
Locked up, shut up. Now he won't speak at all.

"Highjump" into the hollow Earth
Shambia. A passage into the world
Unger: "U-209 has arrived"
Under: A paradise deep inside

Massive operation of 5,000 men
Spring of 47 trouble begins
Bitter reality of what Byrd told
Hostile aircraft will attack from the poles

Men and women missing after the war
250,000 unaccounted for.
Track Name: The Turning Of The Bones
My time is ending
The world decided it was time to end me
For I it shall be
Something slow and full of agony
There's no escaping
On the door the scythe is tapping
It's time for planning
This vessel's untimely ending

I'll wear the silken shroud. Famidihana
7 years I will rot. Famidihana

Nothing as graceful
As the graves of the subjugators of the sky
Or the mess. The grotesque
Chop and feed of Tibetan burial skies.
Wrap me Malagasy
Bring out my corpse for one last dance
Gather and raise me
Celebrate with my dripping stench

Considered the Buddhist way to self mummify
Drink the poison tea. Expel until I'm dry
And die. Now I choose Famidihana.
The turning of the bones.
Track Name: My Apocalypse
Paracas Nazca. Ollantaytambo
Machu Picchu. Straight through Cuzco
Sacsayhuaman. Paratori
In Africa, the Dogan country

Use this path and find another pole
Climate catastrophe of years ago
Magnetic pole is unstable

Effected by the sun, magnetic pole
is gonna flip. It is unstable
Repeat 10,000 years ago

My apocalypse is literal
"A disclosure of knowledge"
Lift the veil

Tassili N'ajjer. Siswa
The pyramids at Giza
Through Petra
Mohenjo Daro. Angkor Wat
Preah Vihear and Easter

Giza is Pi. Proportion divine.
Together a clock of the equinox
Track Name: The Bell
1936 a crash was heard
inside the black forest of Freiburg
Reverse engineered. Schauberger.
Biological vacuum. Tornado power.

Sending messages with longest hair
Vril Maria will disappear
"We were helped" by people from there
Hans and the bell vanish in thin air

Secret of 42. Nukes can be had.
Abandon for the Wunderwaffe. The hendge fly trap
To the last second as their time ends
Protect the project. Engineers put to death

Escape through time
Bend space bend time
Die Glocke
Track Name: Baalbek
Pre-Roman temple of God
Mighty giant of Lebanon

Oh! In the ruins of the city of Sun
Lies the stone of the pregnant woman
Feet! 290 and 1200 tons
Oh! In the ruins of the city of Sun

Construct the Baalbek Trilithon
Pre-date the lies of the Roman

Not today or ever with our ways
We can try and try and try there is no way
Track Name: The Garden
Put me in the garden. Next to the cats.
Leave me behind like all dead pets.
Don't worry about us. We'll be at rest.
As some new tenant's plants grow out of my chest.

The Earth will move. Mix up our bones.
We'll be together. Never alone.

Don't put me in the ground among women and men
Or shit will get ugly like it was back then.
My stink in their Earth is guaranteed to offend.
And I'll be an outcast in death all over again.

Bury my body in an unmarked hole.
Bury my body in an unmarked hole.
Bury my body among the cats.
Or build a fucking shrine of magaliths.
Track Name: Levitation
Tibetan monks seen moving stones
13 drums, 6 trumpets, vocal tones
Faster and faster until they're lifted
Dr. Jarl's films confiscated

Piezo, electric, electro, magnetic
Piezo, electric, electro, magnetic
Convert pressure into electricity
Gravitational energy

Giant tuning forks of Scotland
The tuning forks of ancient Egyptians
Secrets found by Leedskalmin
Technology of the lost island's trident

We bring the sound that moves the stones
We have the sound to move the stones

Create center of gravity vibrating
Then muting the end that is opposing
Within the stones now the node shifts
Center of gravity unballanced

Track Name: Solomon
Soloman. Soloman. Island of Guadalcanal
Buldging red eyed humanoids of 10 feet tall
The place time forgot. Vast caves to mount Tattiva
Inside thousands dwell in their underground city.

In the jungles. In the caves.
There lies another race.
In the mountains. In the caves.
Lies an ancient giant race.

Incident at Gold Ridge. Ross mining begins to clear
Next day. Return. Find a 10 ton blade not there.
Searching. Searching. 100 yards away it's found.
Nearby footprints. Each measuring 3 feet long.

Now Anakim begin to fight
To decide what is wrong and what is right.
To eat or not eat man.
Or divide and share the land.

Legend of Mango. Kidnapped and kept as a mate.
Pregnant. Insane. Found 25 years too late.
Filthy. Frothing. Found covered in inches of slime.
Brother slaughters her child of half cast design.
Track Name: Vitrified
Melt the silicone in the sand into glass
An ancient city. Incinerating flash.

Mohenjo Daro. Vitrified stone and sand.
Harappa, India. Radio active ash.

Weapon of the half breed and of the Gods.
No defense. The Brahma Astra.

Incandescent smoke and fire
Brilliant and 10,000 suns in splendor
Unknown weapon. The iron thunderbolt
Foods poisoned. Hair and nails fell out.
Track Name: Filled With Fire
An unharmed leg. One clean hand.
Lie beside blue smoke and ash.

I know our fate. Deep inside we are all filled with fire.
Ignited by rage. Any moment we'll burst into fire.
The stars, we're made. We burn with the hottest of fire.
I know our way. Deep inside we are all filled with fire.

The slime of man. The melted fat.
Cover the walls. Spontaneous man.